Ruthin Flower Show

Photography Section


Junior Section – up to and including 18 yrs of age.

190. “Event”.

191. “My Friend or Friends.”

Entry to all junior sections free. The judge will pick his/her one favourite picture from classes 190, 191 for the sponsored extra prize.
Bernadette o Malley will sponsor a £10 prize for best entry in above two classes.
Prizes – 1st – £3, 2nd – £2, 3rd – £1

Adult Section – Prizes 1 st – £3, 2 nd – £2, 3 rd – £1

192. “On the Street”

193. “Turning Point”

194. “Transient”

Adult section entry fee 30p. per entry per class.
In addition the judge will pick his/her favourite picture from classes 192, 193 and 194 for an extra sponsored prize of a £20 donated by Bernadette o Malley

Runner up — Pack of Computer Paper donated by Fineline of Ruthin.

Helpful suggestions: Minimum size of print should preferably be 7” x 5”, maximum 12” x 10”. Please mount the print on some card so the judge can handle the print safely. No more than three entries per person per class please. Any questions before the day contact the Chairman for advice.