JUNIOR SECTION. — up to and including 18 yrs of age.

190. “In the woods” 

191. “Reflections”

Entry to all junior sections free.

Patchwork Pate will sponsor a £10 voucher for best entry in the above two classes.

Prizes – 1st – £3,  2nd – £2,  3rd – £1.


192. “At night”

193. “Moving Waters”

194.  “The 9-5”.

Adult section entry fee 30p. per entry per class.

Winner – Most points in the adult section— Patchwork Pate will a sponsor a  £20 voucher.

Runner up — Pack of Photographic Paper donated by Fineline of Ruthin.

Helpful suggestions:- minimum size of print should preferably be 7″ x 5″  maximum 12″x 10″. Please mount the print on some card so the judge can handle the print safely. Any questions before the day – contact the Chairman for advice