Officials of Ruthin Flower Show


David Smith


Chairman/Cadeirydd; Mr Mike Smith

Vice Chair/Is Gadeirydd; Mrs Sian Lightfoot

Secretary/Ysgrifenyddes; Mrs Sian Lightfoot

Treasurer/Trysorydd; Mr. Gary Matthews

Vice Presidents

Mr Les. Starling
Mrs Sue. Starling
Miss Menna Jones
Miss Jean Kellett
Miss Morfudd Jones


Mrs Sandra Edwards
Miss Morfudd Jones
Mr Les Starling

General Committee Members

Mrs Elisabeth Culshaw
Mrs Bronwen Williams
Mr Les Starling
Mrs Delyth Edwards
Mrs Gwenda Marshall
Ms Sandra Green
Mrs Sue Starling
Miss Morfudd Jones
Mrs Sian Lightfoot
Mrs Heather Williams
Mr Mike Smith
Mr Gary Matthews
Mrs Melody Dean
Mr Craig Dean
Miss Ellen Firth
Mrs Rachel Ryland
Mrs Michelle Turner


The Society wishes to express its gratitude for help and support received from:

Establishments in the Town for the use of their premises for publicity and for the support from our sponsors and advertisers.

Ruthin Town Council for their support and sponsorship. The Officers of Denbighshire County Council The Exhibitors, without whom the Show would not be possible. Members of the Show Committee for their time and energy so freely given. Ruthin Farmers Auction and all the friends of Ruthin Show who help unstintingly.

Hywel Evans for printing services, Tesco, the Co-op, Morrisons and friends for kindly donating raffle prizes Huw Howatson for his help.