Ruthin Flower Show

Horse Classes

Horse Section

All cups are Perpetual unless otherwise stated
Any queries please contact Michelle Turner
or 07486 796873
Entry Fees: £6:00 on morning of show day (£5 if entered in advance).

Please find details about each of the horse classes below.

In Hand Classes Start: 11:00am
Judge/Beirniad: Mr. Huw Gruffydd Ring 1/Cylch 1

Class 1. Young Handler, under 10 Years. Sponsored by HVAC Recruitment Ltd.
Class 2. Young Handler, 11 to 16 years. Sponsored by JM Equine.
Class 3. Best Local Horse or Pony, 8 mile radius – Wynstay Cup Sponsored by Howarth Gaercomm.
Class 4. Best young stock, 3 years or under (any breed or height) Sponsored by Eden Equine Fertility.
Class 5. Welsh section A or B, 4 years or over. Sponsored by Mynydd Mostyn Dairy.
Class 6. Welsh section C or D, 4 years or over. Sponsored by Rhodbri Stud, Ruthin.
Class 7. Best coloured Native /Traditional. Sponsored by Lisa Parrish BHS Senior Coach.
Class 8. Best Foreign/non-Native, Rare breed. Sponsored by A Touch of Class Laundry.
Class 9. Best Sports/ex Race horse. Sponsored by Clwydian Stud.
Class 10. Veteran Horse or Pony, over 15 years old Sponsored by Guy Plant Hire.
Class 11. Championship. Sponsored by Vale Bale Supplies

Ridden Classes Start 11:30pm
Judge: Mr Richard Lunt Ring 2

Class 12. Novice Rider, open to any rider, Canter Optional. Sponsored by Self-Storage 4U.
Class 13. Best Riding Pony under 14.2, to include Lead Rein and First Ridden ponies. Class will be split if sufficient numbers. Trophy. Sponsored by BHS Pony Stars.
Class 14. Best Ridden Horse, 14.2 and over. Sponsored by Jessie Jefferson Equestrian Services.
Class 15. Best Ridden Mountain and Moorland. Sponsored by A Touch of Class Laundry.
Class 16. Best ridden Veteran over 15 years. Sponsored by Guy Plant Hire.
Class 17. Best Ridden Local Horse or Pony, 8 miles radius (canter optional). Sponsored by Equiscope Ltd.
Class 18. Ridden Championship, open to all 1st and 2nd pace winners. Sponsored by Hannah Jones MMCP.
Class 19. Supreme Championship. Sponsored by HVAC Recruitment Ltd.
Class 20. Fancy Dress, open to all. Sponsored by Michelle Turner BHS Coach.

The Bob Edwards Perpetual Memorial Cup: Presented by Ruthin Flower and Horse Show

Ridden Championship Sponsored by Hannah Jones MMCP
Supreme Championship sponsored by HVAC Recruitment Ltd