Ruthin Flower Show

Handicraft & Home Produce

Handicraft & Home Produce

Please find details of each of the classes below as well as some helpful tips on baking and preserves!


Sponsored by Cefyn Burges in memory of Mair Roberts (Telynores Colwyn)

100. Cross stitch, no more than A4 size.

101. A Toy – any medium.

102. Something new from something old.

103. Item of patchwork, no more than 2ftx2ft.

104. Knitted matinee or cardigan for a baby.

105. Anniversary card.

106. Item constructed of any material, no more than 2ftx2ft.

Rhiannon Evans has kindly agreed to judge this section.

Anything previously exhibited at Ruthin Show should not be entered. Entry fee to all classes 30p.

Prizes ~ 1st – £3, 2nd – £2, 3rd – £1.

Visual Arts

108. Subject – The Countryside and associated activities.
Any medium
1st £10 2nd £5 3rd £3 Entry fee 30p
Please submit your work at the Show site at Ruthin Farmers Auction on Friday afternoon.

(Sponsored by Naturally Ethical)

110. Beetroot Chutney

111. Red Onion Chutney.

112. Piccalilli.

113. Rhubarb and Ginger Jam.

114. Blackcurrant Jam.

115. Lemon and Lime Marmalade.

116. Orange Curd.

117. A Fruit Liqueur


118. Swiss Roll.

119. Decorated Chocolate Cake.

120. Vegetarian quiche.

121. A Loaf of Bread.

122. 5 Shortbread biscuits.

123. A supper dish for one including cheese

124. 5 pieces of tray bake.

125. Novice Competition – 5 scones

126. Ladies Competition – An egg custard tart (prize – bottle of Sherry – donated by Sue Starling)

127. Men’s Competition – 5 chop chip cookies (prize – a bottle Whisky)

Entry to all classes 30p. 1st prize £3, 2nd £2, 3rd £1.

Tips for Baking and Preserves


A Fruit tart has a layer of pastry on a plate, a layer of fruit and a layer of pastry on top.
A Victoria sandwich has two even layers with a filling (usually of raspberry jam) and a sprinkling of castor sugar on top.


Do not use jars with proprietary names on the bottles or lids.
Jams, jellies and marmalades should be filled to the very top of the jars. Pickles and chutneys should have a slight headspace. Labels should be places neatly within the seams of the jars. Labels should include type of preserve, main fruit used and full date made.
Information about any hot spices in a preserve should be on the label.

Lemon or orange curd should not be covered with solid covers. Cellophane covers and waxed discs should be used. Chutneys and pickles should be covered with a solid, vinegar proof lid. Keeping chutneys for at least two months improves the flavour.