General Rules

  1. The Society shall be called THE RUTHIN SHOW SOCIETY under which are held the Flower Show and other attractions.
  2. Each Vice President subscribing £12 and each individual subscribing £5 shall be Members of the Society and be entitled to vote for the election of the Committee. Family subscription is set at £8. Subscriptions are due on the first day of February each year.
  3. The object of the Horticultural section of the Society is to cultivate and improve the knowledge of and the taste for, the principles and practice of Horticulture.
  4. The competitions shall be open to all exhibitors in Great Britain.
  5. Judges shall be appointed by the Committee.
  6. An Exhibitor shall NOT act as a Judge or a Steward in any Class in which he or she is competing.
  7. Persons shall NOT enter the place of exhibition from the commencement of judging until the place of exhibition is declared open to the public, except for the Judges and Stewards appointed for the Classes in the place of exhibition.
  8. The allotment of space for the staging of specimens in the place of exhibition shall be done by the Exhibit

23.Judges shall have the power to award, withhold or reduce prizes at their discretion, and their decisions in all cases shall be final, except that any attempt to deceive the Judges into believing an exhibit to be genuine, will after consultation with the Secretary or Officers of the Society, result in the withdrawal of all prizes and Trophies awarded at that Show. The full Committee of the Society may at a later date uphold or dismiss that decision or award further penalties. The exhibitor may be invited to appear before the full
Committee of the Ruthin Show Society.

  1. Before any protest against a Judge (such protest to be in writing) be considered by the Committee, a deposit of £1 must be lodged with the Secretary no later than 4 pm on Show Day and if such protest should prove frivolous, the deposit shall be forfeited. Protests in cases of awards for most points must be received within 3 days of the publication of the awards. In all cases the decision of the Committee shall be final.
  2. In the case of a prize being awarded and an exhibitor subsequently being disqualified, the prize will be given to the next exhibit in order of merit in accordance with the decision of the Judge. An exhibitor may enter more than one exhibit in the same class. If there is only one entry in any Class, the award of first or second prize will be left to the discretion of the Judge.
  3. The Committee reserves the right to visit gardens, before or after the Show, from which produce has been entered for competition.
  4. The words KIND and VARIETY are used in this Schedule in the following sense: Sweet Peas, Roses and Carnations are distinct KINDS of flowers; Opera and Peace are distinct VARIETIES of roses.

Hon. Secretary
Mrs S Lightfoot
Pen Waun
Ffordd Gwynach
LL15 1DE