Floral Art

Floral Art Classes 2019

To be judged by Sheila Henri
Overall title – The Myths and Magic of Wales
Class 1. “Pedestal for a Medieval Banquet”
Make a pedestal arrangement suitable for a Medieval Banqueting Hall, making a secondary placement at the base, fabric can be used if required. Floor space allowed – 120cm wide, 120cm deep. Height unlimited.
Class 2. “Myths and Legends of Wales”.
Make an arrangement depicting a legend of Wales. Space allowed 60cm wide, 60cm deep. Height unlimited. Print on a small card a title and a brief outline of the tale to be placed by it.
Class 3. “Light up your Knights”.
Make a tall arrangement using only foliage,and featuring a candle with holder to decorate a Medieval Banquet table, 60cms wide x 60cms deep.
Class 4. “A Warrior Princess”.
Construct a Garland or Headdress suitable for a Warrior Princess – must be wearable.
Class 5. “A Fairy Queen”.
Using scented flowers and foliage/herbs make an arrangement for a Fairy Queen’s Boudoir – a card table will be provided.

Novice Section

Class 6. “Merlin’s Cave”
Create a simple but modern arrangement using five or seven flowers, some foliage and featuring Welsh slate to decorate “Merlin’s Cave”. Space allowed 40cm wide, 40cm deep.
Class 7. “Gelert’s Resting Place”.
Make a suitable arrangement to be placed by the resting place of Prince Llywelyn’s dog “Gelert”. Space allowed 50cm wide, 50cm deep. Height unlimited.

Each exhibit to be the sole work of the exhibitor. Entry form in schedule.
All exhibits must be staged between 5p.m. and 8p.m. on Friday or Saturday between 8.30a.m. and 10.30a.m.
Entrance fee in each class is 50p per entry
Prizes – Class 1 – 1 st £30.00, 2 nd £20.00, 3 rd £10.00
Classes 2,3,4,5,6 and 7 – 1 st £10.00, 2 nd £5.00, 3 rd £3.00
Class 1 sponsored by Bartley Tyres
Class 6 sponsored by Morfudd and Menna Jones
Class 7 sponsored by Mr and Mrs Trevor Field