Family Dog Show

Entry forms in by 12 th August.
Rules and Regulations

Dogs are allowed on the field but please keep them on a short lead and look after their needs

  1. Owners are responsible for the safety and behaviour of their pets while they are on the Show Site.
  2. Pets must be in the appropriate pet carrier and left in this for the duration of the Show.
  3. Sufficient food and clean water must be available during the day.
  4. Owners are responsible for their pet’s welfare during the day.
  5. Owners must ensure that the Pet Show area is left clean and tidy.

If these rules are not followed, owners will be asked to leave the site.
The Society does not take responsibility for any incidents that happen on the show site.
Pets to be in place by 1 pm. on Show Day. Judging starts 1.15pm.
Judging will take place by a member of staff from Wern Veterinary Practice. You will also be able to
ask the judges for any free advice regarding your pet.


1 Rabbit with the longest ears.
2 Rabbit with the twitchiest nose.
3 Rabbit with the silkiest coat.
HAMSTERS and RODENTS [excluding Guinea Pigs]
4 Rodent with brightest eyes.
5 Rodent with sleekest coat.
6 Most unusual colour for a Rodent.
7 Guinea Pig with the brightest eyes.
8 Guinea Pig with the sleekest coat.
9 Best pair of Guinea Pigs.
Rosettes for the winners from each section.

Dog Show Sponsored by Tommy’s Hairdressing Company

 Family Dog Show

Classes start at 2:00pm
Class 1: Best small dog ie Terrier size and under
Class 2: Best bigger breed ie Labrador and bigger size
Class 3: Best Child handler (14 years and under)
Class 4: Best veteran dog (7 years and older)
Class 5: Best trick by a dog.
Class 6: Dog who looks most like its owner
Class 7: Scruffy (best companion)
These classes will be judged by Wern Vets.
Entries in Classes 1-7 are on the day.
Rosettes will be awarded for 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd in each class.