Junior Classes

Section A – 4 years and under.
  1. Painting of a rainbow.
  2. Your initials in a plate of sand using any medium e.g. buttons or shells..
  3. Colour the picture on Page 18 of  the schedule. (Bug)    
Section B – years 1, 2 & 3
  1. A picture of your home.
  2. Your name in pasta (A4 size)
  3. Colour the picture on Page 20 of  the schedule. (Butterfly)    
  4. Decorate a pebble.
Section C – years 4,5 & 6
  1. Colour the picture on page 21 of the schedule. (Pattern)
  2. A pencil sketch of a vehicle.
  3. An item of jewellery,any medium.
  4. Make and decorate 3 rice crispie cakes.
  5. A collection of flowers in a small container.
Section D – years 7-11.
  1. A collection of flowers in a jug.
  2. A pasta dish for one.
  3. Fill a matchbox with as many items as possible and list them.
  4. An item of jewellery made of sweets.


All Junior Classes sponsored by Ruthin Town Council.

Entry to all Junior Classes free.

1st prize £3, 2nd prize £2, 3rd prize £1   in all Junior Classes.