Honey Classes

  1. Two x 454g (1lb) of liquid honey.
  2. Two x 454g (1lb) of creamed honey.
  3. One bottle of mead in a clear wine bottle with flanged cork.
  4. – Honey Fruit Cake(use own recipe – please list ingredients)
  5. – 5 Honey porridge oat biscuits (use own recipe – please list ingredients)

Entry fee — 30 per class.

Classes 200 – 204 1st-£3  2nd- £2  3rd-£1


  1. Every article exhibited must be the bona fide property of the exhibitor and all honey must be gathered in the natural way by the exhibitor’s bees.
  2. All bottled honey must be shown in clear 1lb squat jars of B.S.I. type with standard screw tops. Only tinned, gold lacquered or plain screw tops will be accepted. No air gap should be visible below the lid.
  3. Mead should be shown in clear, plain, colourless glass bottles of a round section similar in shape and size to the ordinary bottles for wine, without names, fluting or decoration.